Margaritë Camaj, also known as both Magi and MC, is Bronx grown with deeply embedded Albanian roots, embodying a rare rose that grew from the cracks in the concrete. Raised in the birthplace of hip-hop, everything she does ties back to words and music. Lyrics helped her pick up a pen at the age of 7, as she started painting masterpieces of emotions through words. Writing allowed her to find her soul, escape chaos, and create peace, as she has also created a trickle effect by doing the same for others. All of Magi's 22 published books will make you feel something different, explaining her diverse range of works of literature: poetry, plays, novels, fiction, music business books, and more. Her versatile pen game doesn't stop there. She has written numerous songs, and is a spoken word artist, featured alongside Gift and Parks from the Joe Budden Podcast.

Magi has edited notable published books for Adjua Styles and others. She is also a music journalist for known publications, such as Earmilk, Revolt, Boom Bap Nation, etc. Aside from music journalism, she also writes popular, heartfelt pieces about love, heartbreak, relationship advice, entrepreneurship, and more for well-known publications such as Thought Catalog and Women On Topp. When reading or hearing her words, you will feel something powerful, moving your spirit. When she's not writing, creating, or passionately representing creatives as an Entertainment Attorney, you can find her walking the streets of NYC or catching the full moon by the ocean searching for inspiration.


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